What is the cost of Dihydrocodeine?

5th December 2022

Dihydrocodeine is a very effective prescription-only medication that can help to treat a number of different conditions. Dihydrocodeine can be purchased online from EU Meds. In this article, we will talk about the cost of dihydrocodeine, and how you can make sure you get the best price for your important medication. We will also talk about dihydrocodeine as a medication including what it does, and what different strengths you may be prescribed. 

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What is Dihydrocodeine?

You may be wondering what dihydrocodeine actually is and what it is used for. If you have been prescribed dihydrocodeine then it is only natural that you will want to do a little bit of research before purchasing your medication.


What are dihydrocodeine tablets used for?

Dihydrocodeine is an opiate medication. Unlike other opioid painkillers such as codeine, dihydrocodeine is a synthetic opiate, meaning that it was created in a lab as opposed to being taken from the poppy plant. Dihydrocodeine is a painkiller that is used to help combat moderate to severe pain in those that are taking it. Pain is generally measured as mild, moderate, and severe. Only you can tell how bad your pain is, however, when you speak to a doctor they will be able to determine whether or not you will require strong painkillers such as dihydrocodeine. A good way of rating your pain is to put it on a scale of 1-10. Here is a useful way of measuring your pain that you can use to diagnose severity.


  • Mild Pain 

1 - Very mild. Pain is very mild and you will often forget about it.

2 - Mild. Pain that is more annoying, however, is very manageable and does not cause great levels of discomfort.

3 - Milder. Pain is noticeable and distracting but can be ignored for long periods. Can be managed at home.


  • Moderate Pain

4 - Pain that can be ignored, but is consistently a mild distraction. Can be treated at home however sometimes this is not adequate. 

5 - Pain that cannot be ignored for more than a few minutes. You can still function, but it will take effort. 

6 - Pain that can interfere with day-to-day life. Can be difficult to ignore, or treat from home.


  • Severe Pain

7 - Pain that limits your day-to-day life and regular routines. Home treatment does not bring proper relief. 

8 - Pain that limits physical ability and that requires great effort to function.

9 - Pain that leaves you unable to speak or function. Can cause you to cry out or moan uncontrollably. 

10 - Pain that is unbearable. Will leave people unable to move or speak. Very few people will ever experience this level of pain.


Is dihydrocodeine available in different strengths?

When you are prescribed dihydrocodeine you will be told how many tablets you will need as well as the strength you will need. At EU Meds you are able to purchase dihydrocodeine in packet sizes of 28 and 100. You can only purchase dihydrocodeine in a strength of 30mg which will be more than enough to treat moderate to severe pain, as indicated above.


What does Dihydrocodeine cost?

Dihydrocodeine on prescription will need to be purchased from a registered supplier of prescription medications. Thankfully, you are able to save money on your prescription medications by using EU Meds. You can purchase dihydrocodeine from EU Meds from £59.99.


Does the cost of dihydrocodeine vary?

The price of the dihydrocodeine you can purchase online from EU Meds will vary depending on its strength and the number of tablets you are looking to buy. At EU Meds, you can only purchase dihydrocodeine in a strength of 30mg. You can however purchase different amounts of tablets, with the options being 28 and 100. The price of 28, 30mg tablets is £59.99, and the price of 100 30mg tablets is £69.99. 


Can dihydrocodeine tablets be purchased in bulk?

As mentioned, the highest amount of tablets that you can purchase from EU Meds is 100. It is important to note that dihydrocodeine is a prescription-only medication and you will only be able to purchase the number of tablets that you have been prescribed. Long-term dihydrocodeine use can lead to dependency and potential abuse, so it is important that it is prescribed with a duty of care. Bulk buying of prescription-only medications is not permitted so they cannot be abused. 


Where can you buy Dihydrocodeine?

As mentioned, you can purchase dihydrocodeine online from EU Meds, a safe supplier of legitimate prescription-only medications. To purchase your medication from EU Meds you will have a consultation with us online in order to attain your prescription.


Can you buy dihydrocodeine over the counter in the UK?

Dihydrocodeine is a prescription-only medication, meaning that the only way you can purchase it is by having a valid prescription. Over-the-counter medications are those that can be purchased without the need for any form of prescription. Some examples of over-the-counter painkillers that are very popular include ibuprofen, paracetamol and aspirin.  


Can you buy dihydrocodeine legally online?

You can legally purchase your prescription dihydrocodeine online from EU Meds. The only way you can legally purchase dihydrocodeine is by undertaking a consultation. If you fail your consultation, you will not be able to purchase dihydrocodeine online from EU Meds. 


Is it cheaper to buy dihydrocodeine online?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of getting your prescription medications online is that they will usually be cheaper than getting them from other outlets such as your local pharmacy. Purchase your prescription dihydrocodeine online from EU Meds to make the most of our incredible prices.


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