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Competact is a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. It helps to lower blood sugar levels, and keep them stable. Competact contains a combination of two medications, metformin and pioglitazone. It is common to take one Competact tablet twice a day.

  • Inhibits glucose production
  • Reduces glucose absorption in the gut
  • Controls type-2 diabetes
  • Genuine medication
  • Shipped from EU Pharmacies
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  • Competact is a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes
  • Competact helps to keep blood sugar levels within the normal range
  • Competact contains two medications: metformin and pioglitazone
  • Competact is often prescribed when treatment of diabetes with one medication (often metformin) alone has not kept blood sugar levels within the normal range
  • Competact is often prescribed for patients who are overweight
  • Competact is usually well tolerated but can lead to some side effects
  • It is important to read the patient leaflet for a full list of side effects and cautions.

Our bodies rely on insulin which is made by an organ called the pancreas. Insulin helps to control the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. If the body fails to produce enough insulin, as with type 2 diabetes, the blood glucose levels are left to rise uncontrollably. In some people, the body also stops responding properly to any insulin that is being produced. This can lead to very high blood glucose levels.

High levels of glucose in the blood over a prolonged period can cause damage to the blood vessels, nerves, kidneys, and eyes. Some patients will eventually require amputation of extremities including the toes or feet. It is therefore very important to keep your blood glucose levels under control, even if you currently feel well.

Competact contains two active ingredients, metformin and pioglitazone. Both are medications used to treat type 2 diabetes.

Metformin works in more than one way to control blood glucose levels. Its first mechanism of action is to prevent the liver from releasing too much sugar into the bloodstream. It also prompts the body to respond better to any insulin that is still naturally being produced. Metformin can take up to three months to work to its full potential. It is therefore important to continue taking Competact every day.

Pioglitazone is part of a group of medications called thiazolidinediones (or glitazones). It increases the sensitivity of the cells to insulin, helping your body to control blood sugar levels more effectively.

Taking the medications in combination can lead to more successful blood sugar control.

Competact is a film-coated tablet. The tablet should be swallowed whole with some water. The tablets can be taken with or just after food, and doing this may help to reduce the risk of any digestive side effects.

A common dosage of Competact is one tablet taken twice a day. 

Each tablet contains 30mg of pioglitazone and 850mg of metformin.

You will be advised on the dose of metformin that is best for you. This dose may be increased or decreased by a medical professional depending on how your blood glucose levels respond.

Like all medications, Competact can have some side effects. The most common side effects include:

  • Nausea or vomiting (feeling sick or being sick)
  • Stomach pain
  • Reduced appetite
  • Eyesight problems
  • Weight gain
  • Aches and pains
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Chest infections
  • Reduced sense of touch
  • Increased risk of broken bones
  • A strange or metallic taste in your mouth.

If these side effects persist or become troublesome you should speak to your doctor for further advice.

Occasionally, metformin (which is contained within Competact) can cause more serious side effects including:

  • Severe tiredness with fast or shallow breathing
  • Feeling cold or having a slow heartbeat
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes)
  • Skin rashes
  • Mouth ulcers, muscle weakness or changes to your vision.

If these occur, speak to a doctor straight away.

Serious allergic reactions happen very rarely. If you have a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) including breathlessness, lip swelling or tongue swelling, call 999 immediately.

When taking medications for diabetes, including Competact, you should be aware of the early signs of low blood sugar. These include:

  • Feeling hungry
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Struggling to concentrate or feeling confused
  • Sweating.

If a hypo occurs, you should eat or drink a fast-acting carbohydrate such as sugary fruit juice, sweets, or a sugar cube. If you still feel unwell, seek immediate medical advice.

Competact may not be suitable for everyone. You should tell your doctor if you:

  • Have liver disease
  • Have kidney disease
  • Have a high alcohol intake or alcohol dependency
  • Have bladder cancer of have noticed blood in your urine
  • Have heart failure or heart disease including a previous heart attack
  • Have blood vessel disease
  • Have lung disease including respiratory failure
  • Have porphyria.

Competact is not suitable for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or breastfeeding.

Some medications can interact with Competact. You may be advised that Competact will not suit you if you already take:

  • Some forms of pain relief (including NSAIDs)
  • Certain blood pressure medications including ACE inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor antagonists and diuretics (water tablets)
  • Cimetidine
  • Gemfibrozil (medication for high lipid levels)
  • Rifampicin
  • Steroids.

Because Competact may not suit everyone, we will complete a Consultation with you including a health questionnaire. This will ensure that the medication will be suitable for you.

A qualified prescriber will review your current medications, including any herbal remedies or supplements, to ensure that Competact will not interact with them. 

Once prescribed, Competact will be ordered on your behalf via electronic prescription. Competact will then be conveniently dispatched from one of our partner pharmacies.

Buy Competact

Buying Competact Online

Can I buy Competact online?

You can safely buy Competact online at EU Meds. You will first need to have an online consultation with a pharmacist independent prescriber before your order will be supplied. The online consultation will ensure that Competact is the right medication for your medical condition.

Do I need a prescription for Competact?

Yes, in order to purchase Competact you will need a valid prescription. Please note, all requests for supply of prescription medications are subject to an online clinical consultation and the decision to prescribe will be made by a doctor.

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