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From acne to warts and verrucas, we offer treatments for a whole host of conditions and medical problems. Whether you need a quick over-the-counter fix for a mild infection, or a prescription maintenance drug for a lifelong illness, you can find the medication you need quickly and simply by browsing our list of conditions from A-Z.

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Narcolepsy Treatment
Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that affects the brain's ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles. People with narcolepsy often experience excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden, uncontrollable episodes of falling asleep during the day. These sleep attacks can occur at any time, even during activities such as eating or driving.
Nausea Treatment
Nausea is also known as the feeling that you are about to be sick, or that you could be sick. It is often accompanied by a funny feeling in the stomach or clammy skin. The causes of nausea will vary, with the most being from a stomach bug, migraine, pregnancy, or a side effect of a medication. Nausea often passes on its own, and you may not even vomit. However, nausea is very uncomfortable, and treatment options can help alleviate the feelings of it.
Neuropathic Pain Medication
Often referred to as a burning or shooting pain, neuropathic pain is triggered by damage to your nervous system.
Pain Relief Medication
Although they don’t treat the source, painkillers will help to provide you with some comfort and relief.
PCOS & Infertility
PCOS, which stands for polycystic ovary syndrome, is a condition that affects hormone levels in women. It causes them to produce more male hormones than they normally would. Women with PCOS often don’t have periods and can also find it hard to get pregnant. Unfortunately, PCOS is not currently curable, however, it is treatable.
Period Delay Tablets
You can successfully delay the beginning of your period to better fit with your lifestyle and to avoid your period causing you any inconvenience.
Period Pain Relief
During the menstrual cycle, women often experience a number of different symptoms. Symptoms include changes to sex drive and appetite, increased amounts of oil on the hair and skin, as well as mood swings. The most common side effect is abdominal pain, also known as period pain.
Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Medication
Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a treatment that is used to help protect people against human immunodeficiency virus, more commonly known as HIV. When PrEP is taken every day it can protect HIV-negative individuals from contracting the disease, when they would otherwise be at high risk of contracting it. Order the PrEP medication you need online from EU Meds to effectively safeguard against the infection.
Premature Ejaculation Treatment
Premature ejaculation is a condition where a man ejaculates too early, often with very little stimulation, during sexual intercourse.

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