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    How long does Ambien stay in your system?

    An Introduction to Ambien

    Ambien, also known by its generic medication name Zolpidem, is a powerful and useful medication that helps many people all over the world. There is some negative press regarding Ambien, however, when used correctly, it can treat a large number of people suffering from similar conditions. In this article, we will answer the question of how long Ambien stays in your system. We will also answer other questions relating to Zolpidem and Ambien including what it is, how it is used, what it can be used for, strength, legality, and potential effects of Ambien abuse. 

    What is Ambien?

    Ambien is the branded name of the generic medication Zolpidem. Zolpidem is a medication that is used to treat and help people suffering from lack of sleep and short-term insomnia. The main purpose of Zolpidem and Ambien is to help people to fall asleep quicker, allowing people suffering from conditions such as short-term insomnia to get a better, more fulfilling night's rest. Ambien belongs to a group of medications called sedative-hypnotics, these not only help with sleep but can also have a calming effect on those taking them. 

    How long does Ambien stay in your system?

    In the majority of cases, Zolpidem will remain in someone’s system for around 24-48 hours. The effects of Zolpidem should stop after you have been to sleep, however, there may be minor traces of the medication in your system up to 48 hours after you have taken it. This is not a concern as it should have little to no effects on your body. The half-life of Zolpidem is around two hours. Half-life is the amount of time that it takes for a medication's active substance in your body to reduce by half. 

    How do I use Ambien?

    Zolpidem is available to purchase in tablet form. In order to correctly take the medication to feel its full effects, you should take the tablet orally, with the help of water, just before you go to bed. You should also make sure you take the medication on an empty stomach. You should not take Zolpidem with a meal or just after a meal as this can hinder the effectiveness of the medication. You should only take Zolpidem if you know that you have time to get a full night's sleep of around seven to eight hours. If you need to wake up early, say to go to the airport, then you can experience some side effects such as memory loss. 

    Can you take Ambien during the day for anxiety?

    You should make sure not to take Zolpidem or Ambien during the day due to the sedative effects that the medication has. Zolpidem is designed to make you fall asleep, and should not be taken for anything other than treating this. If you take Zolpidem during the day and manage to stay awake then you may actually feel the opposite effect. You may feel a buzz from the medication, similar to that felt when you take Xanax. 

    How long for Ambien to kick in?

    Zolpidem will begin to work as soon as you take the prescribed dosage. In order for it to work correctly, you should take Zolpidem just before going to bed on an empty stomach. If you do this, you should be able to easily fall asleep when you get in bed. If you take Zolpidem around one hour before going to bed and if you have an empty stomach when you do so then you should notice that the effects are what you need. 

    How strong is Ambien?

    Zolpidem is available in strengths of either 5mg or 10mg. You should only purchase Zolpidem in the strength that is outlined in your prescription, the strength that you are prescribed will depend on your condition, or whether you need a higher strength because lower strengths have not given you the results you require. 

    Why does Ambien sometimes not work?

    There may be a few times that Zolpidem does not work correctly. Perhaps the main reason why Zolpidem may not work properly is because of food. If you take Zolpidem when you have eaten, or when you are eating, the medication may not correctly absorb into your system and will not provide you with the effects you desire. 

    How can you make Ambien more potent?

    When you are prescribed Ambien or Zolpidem you are receiving a medication that is more than good enough to serve the purpose you need it for, therefore, you should not need to use any external sources to make it more potent. In order to achieve the best results with Zolpidem, you should make sure to take it around an hour before going to bed, and you should take it on an empty stomach. You should also ensure that you are going to bed in a comfortable environment where you are going to be relaxed and that you are comfortable when you go to bed. 

    Is Ambien legal?

    Ambien and Zolpidem are completely legal medications, as long as they are purchased using a valid prescription from a doctor or an independent prescriber. As a prescription-only medication, this product can only be sold to people with valid prescriptions. 

    What happens if you take Ambien for years?

    You should only take Ambien for the amount of time that it has been prescribed, and usually, it will only be prescribed to treat short-term conditions like short-term insomnia. People that take Zolpidem for extended periods of time can become dependent and may experience some withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking it. Withdrawal symptoms of Zolpidem include nausea, headaches, and sickness.  

    How to get prescribed Ambien?

    In order to attain a prescription for Zolpidem through EU Meds, you must first complete a consultation in order to make sure that the medication is right for you. After a successful consultation, you will receive a prescription from an independent prescriber and you are free to purchase a medication which will then be supplied by a partner pharmacy. 

    Where can I buy Ambien online?

    You can purchase Ambien in its generic form Zolpidem online from EU Meds after completing a consultation and attaining a prescription. 


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