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Tetralysal is a brand name for the antibiotic medication lymecycline. Tetralysal is commonly prescribed to treat acne, but is also suitable for treating some other infections.

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  • Reduces symptoms of acne
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  • Tetralysal is the brand name of the antibiotic lymecycline
  • It is part of the tetracycline family of antibiotics
  • It is used to treat the infected spots that can occur with acne
  • It is usually taken once a day
  • It can stain growing teeth, so children and pregnant women are usually advised not to take it
  • It is important to read the patient leaflet for a full list of side effects and cautions.

Acne can occur begin during the teenage years, but it may unfortunately persist for much longer. The glands within the skin start to produce too much sebum, a thick, greasy substance. When this is produced, it can block the glands. The blocked glands become a place where bacteria can thrive, leading to spots that are infected and painful. The appearance of acne can affect your self-esteem, too.

The lymecycline in Tetralysal works by stopping bacteria in the body from multiplying and increasing in number. As bacterial growth is slowed, the infection resolves. Tetralysal is particularly good at targeting the bacteria involved in acne breakouts.

You may need to take Tetralysal for several weeks or months for it to be fully effective.  

Tetralysal capsules should be swallowed whole with a glass of water. Usually just one capsule each day is required. 

It can be better to take Tetralysal with food, as this reduces the risk of the antibiotic making you feel sick.

You should continue taking Tetralysal until you have completed the course you are prescribed, which may last for 8 or more weeks. This is true even if your symptoms clear up sooner. Stopping too soon may mean that the infection returns. 

Tetralysal is available as a 300mg capsule. Each capsule contains 408mg of lymecycline.

It is common to take one capsule in the morning with a glass of water (around 200ml in volume). 


Like all medications, Tetralysal can have some side effects. The most common side effects include:

  • Nausea (feeling sick)
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Headaches.

These side effects are likely to settle down, but if they persist or become troublesome you should speak to your doctor for further advice.

Occasionally more serious side effects can occur. Speak to a doctor straight away if:

  • Your skin becomes sensitive to sunlight 
  • You notice dark urine (pee) and pale stools (poo) with yellowing of your skin – this could be a sign of liver disease.

Serious allergic reactions happen very rarely. If you have a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) including breathlessness, lip swelling or tongue swelling, call 999 immediately.

Tetralysal may not be suitable for everyone. You should tell your prescriber if you:

  • Have kidney problems
  • Have liver disease
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have lupus
  • Have myasthenia gravis
  • Have ever had an allergic reaction to Tetralysal, lymecycline, or another medication
  • Are under 12 years old.

Your prescriber can then advise whether Tetralysal is a suitable medication for you.

Some medications can interact with Tetralysal. You may be advised that Tetralysal will not suit you if you already take:

  • Medications for acid reflux, indigestion, or stomach ulcers
  • Medications for epilepsy or seizures
  • Lithium
  • Oral retinoids or vitamin A
  • Warfarin or other anticoagulant medications
  • Diuretics (‘water tablets’)
  • Another antibiotic medication.

Because Tetralysal may not suit everyone, we will complete a Consultation with you including a health questionnaire. This will ensure that the medication will be suitable for you.

A qualified prescriber will review your current medications, including any herbal remedies or supplements, to ensure that Tetralysal will not interact with them. 

Once prescribed, Tetralysal will be ordered on your behalf via electronic prescription. Tetralysal will then be conveniently dispatched from one of our partner pharmacies. 


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Can I buy Tetralysal online?

You can safely buy Tetralysal online at EU Meds. You will first need to have an online consultation with a pharmacist independent prescriber before your order will be supplied. The online consultation will ensure that Tetralysal is the right medication for your medical condition.

Do I need a prescription for Tetralysal?

Yes, in order to purchase Tetralysal you will need a valid prescription. Please note, all requests for supply of prescription medications are subject to an online clinical consultation and the decision to prescribe will be made by a doctor.

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