Can I buy Zopiclone online?

    Can I buy Zopiclone online?

    Zopiclone is a very effective medication that is great for relieving insomnia in the short term. Also known by its branded name Zimovane, Zopiclone is a hypnotic medication that changes the way that signals are sent to the brain. This can help you relax, and thus will make it easier for you to fall asleep. Zopiclone is a prescription-only medication. This means that the only way you can legally obtain it is by having a valid prescription. With that being said, this article will answer frequently asked questions about buying Zopiclone online including whether it is possible, why you should be purchasing your medication online, and much more.

    When would I need to buy Zopiclone online?

    You will only be able to purchase Zopiclone online when you have a valid prescription. This can either be provided to you by a doctor or attained via an online consultation with EU Meds. Zopiclone will only be prescribed if it is deemed to be a suitable medication for your condition. After you have been issued a prescription you will then need to purchase your meds. You can either do this via an in-person pharmacy, or through an online service like EU Meds. 

    What are the benefits of buying Zopiclone online?

    You may be wondering why you would buy your medication online when previously you’ve bought it from an in-person pharmacy. There are actually many benefits to getting your medication online. Some of the main benefits of buying Zopiclone online include:

    • Quick and easy to order

    • Free private online prescription

    • Convenient. Order at a time that suits you from the comfort of your own home

    • No need to wait for a Doctor's appointment

    • Save money on the medications you need

    • Get discreet delivery straight to your door

    • Safe and reliable when using a trusted online pharmacy like EU Meds

    Purchasing medication online is also perfect for those that struggle to leave the house. Getting the treatment they need delivered directly to their door can completely change a person's quality of life. Here are a few reviews left by genuine EU Meds customers who have ordered their medication online:

    “I have found EU Meds to be safe, reliable and confidential in the prescribing and delivery of my required medications.”

    “Very fast delivery, authentic medication, simple and straightforward to use, no issues this time and have definitely improved again! Will definitely be using again!”

    To read more reviews about EU Meds, check out our Feefo profile here.

    Do I need a prescription to buy Zopiclone online?

    Yes, to legally purchase Zopiclone from an online service like EU Meds you will need to have a valid prescription that is either a prescription you already have or one that is given to you after you complete an online consultation with us. Zopiclone is a controlled medication, meaning that the only way you can use it is by first having a prescription that deems you suitable for it.

    Is it legal to buy Zopiclone online?

    As Zopiclone is a prescription-only medication, it is illegal to buy or sell it online without a valid prescription being provided. However, if you have a valid prescription already, or if you are successful in your consultation with EU Meds, it is completely legal to purchase your Zopiclone online. 

    Zopiclone FAQs

    Can I buy Zopiclone online in the UK?

    Yes, when you purchase Zopiclone online from EU Meds you will be able to get it shipped to the United Kingdom directly from an EU pharmacy. You will however still need to complete an online consultation form to get a valid prescription from us, in order to purchase your medication.

    Can I buy Zopiclone at a pharmacy?

    When you have been prescribed Zopiclone you will then need to purchase your medication. This can be from an online pharmacy, which provides you with benefits such as saving money, time and effort, or you can purchase your meds from an in-person pharmacy which is the more traditional way of doing things.

    Can I buy Zopiclone over the counter?

    No, you cannot purchase Zopiclone over the counter. Over-the-counter medications are those that you can buy without the need for a prescription. As Zopiclone requires a prescription, you are unable to purchase it legally without one. 

    Is it safe to buy Zopiclone online?

    Yes, as long as you are sensible about where you are purchasing your medication from then it is completely safe to purchase Zopiclone online. All of the medications that you can purchase from EU Meds are completely legitimate and have been provided straight to your door by registered EU pharmacies. 

    How do EU Meds ensure your safety when buying Zopiclone online?

    Ensuring that you are safe when you receive medication is very important to EU Meds. Before you purchase any medication you must have a consultation with us. The consultation will ensure that the medication you are trying to buy is right for your particular condition.  

    Can anyone buy Zopiclone?

    No, not everyone will be able to purchase Zopiclone. Zopiclone can only be bought by those that have a valid prescription for it. Zopiclone is also not recommended for some people. People that have a history of respiratory conditions, those that have had kidney or liver disease, and people with a history of drug/alcohol abuse are not recommended to use Zopiclone.

    Where can I buy Zopiclone 3.75mg online?

    There are two strengths of Zopiclone that you can purchase from EU Meds. One of these is 3.75mg. You can purchase this strength of Zopiclone online in two different pack sizes. These are 10 and 20 tablets. 

    Where can I buy Zopiclone 7.5mg online?

    The other strength of Zopiclone that you can buy from EU Meds is 7.5mg. Again, this strength can be purchased in pack sizes of 10 or 20 tablets. You should only ever purchase the strength and quantity of tablets that you have been prescribed. 

    What payment options are available when buying Zopiclone online?

    When purchasing Zopiclone online you can use almost any payment method including Apple Pay, Google Pay, VISA, MasterCard and American Express. You will need to use a card that is registered in the United Kingdom, however. 


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