What does Saxenda cost?

    Does the price of Saxenda vary?

    If you're contemplating the use of a Saxenda pen for weight management, you might be curious about where to secure the most competitive rate per pen. A frequently asked question surrounding Saxenda revolves around its optimal purchase location in terms of pricing.

    In this piece, we'll address the cost of Saxenda. Additionally, we'll delve into what exactly Saxenda is, its application method, storage recommendations, and much more.

    What is Saxenda?

    Saxenda is an injectable medication that is used to help people trying to lose weight. Opting for Saxenda can be a remarkable choice with the potential for impressive outcomes. It's intended to amplify weight loss results for those on a diet, proving most effective when complemented with a diet low in calories and fats, coupled with regular physical activity.

    The efficacy of Saxenda stems from its primary component, liraglutide. This substance mirrors the effects of a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies, GLP-1, responsible for blood sugar regulation post-ingestion. Consequently, an individual tends to feel satisfied with lesser food consumption, leading to reduced caloric intake by enhancing the sensation of fullness.

    How much does Saxenda cost online?

    The price of Saxenda pens can change based on how many you buy. For example, one Saxenda pen at EU Meds is £51.99*. This is a good deal because other places might charge around £70 for just one pen. Remember, you can only buy Saxenda with a prescription after talking to a doctor.

    *It is important to note that this price is correct at the time of writing.

    Where is the cheapest place to buy Saxenda?

    To buy Saxenda, you need a proper prescription. Here's a list of some big sellers and the price they charge for a single Saxenda pen for weight loss.

    EU Meds strives to offer prices as good as or better than most online competitors. We're one of the most affordable places to buy Saxenda, and our service is unmatched.

    How much does Saxenda cost per month?

    At £51.99* per pen and a daily dose of 3mg, your Saxenda treatment would roughly come to about £8.67 daily, or £260.10 each month. The final cost can change based on the dose your doctor prescribes. 

    *Keep in mind that these prices were accurate at the time of writing.

    What does Saxenda treat?

    Saxenda pens help with weight loss. They work best with a diet low in fat and calories, plus regular exercise (Lundgren et al, 2021). Without it, you may not lose as much weight. If you haven't lost at least 5% of your starting weight after 12 weeks, you should stop using Saxenda. In a study of over 3,500 people, 92% lost more than 8% of their weight with Saxenda (Pi-Sunyer et al, 2015).

    How do you use Saxenda?

    Here is a brief set of instructions to ensure you are using Saxenda correctly:

    1. Open the pen lid. Make sure the liquid is clear. If it's cloudy, don't use it.

    2. Remove the paper from a new needle.

    3. Attach the needle tightly to the pen.

    4. Take off both needle caps. Keep the bigger one for later.

    5. Before the first use of a new pen or if dropped, check it's working.

    6. Hold it so the needle points up.

    7. Turn the selector until you see the ‘flow check’ symbol.

    8. Push the button until it shows 0 mg. You should see a drop at the needle's end.

    9. Choose your dose (0.6 mg up to 3.0mg).

    10. Made a mistake in choosing? Adjust it.

    11. Put the pen on the right skin spot, as instructed.

    12. Push the button until it shows 0 mg.

    13. Hold the button and count to 6 while the needle's in the skin. This makes sure all the medicine goes in.

    14. Cover the needle with its big cap.

    15. Remove and throw away the needle safely.

    16. Close the pen with its lid.

    How should you store Saxenda?

    Saxenda must be kept in a cool place, ideally in the refrigerator, ensuring it stays between 2°C and 8°C (Saxenda, 2023). Even if there's some medication left, dispose of pens 30 days after opening. Although it needs cool storage, Saxenda should never be frozen, and pens that have been frozen shouldn't be used.

    Can you gain weight if you stop using Saxenda?

    Should you decide to discontinue Saxenda, your subsequent actions will dictate the outcome. Maintaining a balanced diet, low in calories and fat, is crucial. Without it, you might see a return of the weight you shed while on Saxenda. Once you cease using Saxenda, its effects, such as the sensation of fullness, might lessen. Remember, consistency in a healthy lifestyle is key, whether you're on Saxenda or not. 

    What do users say about Saxenda?

    Here are some reviews from real Saxenda users.

    "This has definitely helped me reduce the amount of food I eat and has reduced cravings considerably."

    "I've been on Saxenda for 6 months, have lost 45 pounds, and have been very happy with the results."

    To read more reviews about Saxenda, check out drugs.com


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