An A-Z Guide to Codeine

11th September 2023


  • Increases tolerance to pain
  • Decreases discomfort
  • Effective treatment
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  • Mixture of codeine and paracetamol
  • Effective painkiller
  • Works for period pain, muscle pain and migraine
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Codeine is a common name in our medicine cabinets, but how much do we really know about it? This guide aims to break down the complexities of Codeine in an easy-to-understand manner. From its origins to its uses in modern healthcare, we’ll journey through the entire alphabet to uncover its many facets. By exploring this A-Z guide, we hope you will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of this well-known medication.


A - Addiction

Codeine is an opiate medication. Opiate medications can be addictive if they are not taken correctly. To avoid addiction to Codeine, you may be given a plan to come off it by your doctor when your treatment is over.

B - Buying Online

You can purchase Codeine online from EU Meds following a successful consultation. EU Meds offer a fast and convenient online service. As Codeine is a prescription-only medication, you will not be able to purchase it without a valid prescription, which is provided once your consultation is approved by one of our prescribers

C - Chronic Pain

How a patient's chronic pain gets managed can have profound and long-lasting effects on a patient's quality of life (Dydyk & Conermann, 2023). Codeine is used to help treat chronic pain. Chronic pain can be caused by anything such as injuries, surgery recovery, joint and back pain, and many more. Codeine effectively relieves sufferers of this pain.

D - Dihydrocodeine

Dihydrocodeine is a stronger alternative to codeine. Dihydrocodeine is an opioid analgesic that is related to codeine. Dihydrocodeine can have more euphoric effects than codeine, but can also be more addictive. 

E - Everyday Pain Relief

Codeine is not recommended for everyday pain relief. Codeine should be used to treat moderate to severe pain, and other painkillers, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, should be used for daily pain relief. 

F - Finances

You can purchase Codeine online from EU Meds. Currently, EU Meds prices* are as follows:

  • £39.99 for 30 15mg tablets, or £44.99 for 28 30mg tablets
  • £104.99 for 120 15mg tablets, or £99.99 for 112 30mg tablets 
  • The cheapest price for one tablet at EU Meds is 87p

*All prices correct as of 08/09/23

G - Getting Codeine Delivered 

Getting Codeine delivered to your door is easier than you may think. Following a successful consultation, you will be able to purchase your Codeine from EU Meds. This will be delivered from a partner, EU-based pharmacy. 

H - Helping Codeine to Work Better

In order to make your Codeine work better, there are some things that you can do. It is important to note you should only take Codeine as instructed by your doctor or prescriber.  

I - Interactions

Codeine may actually interact with medications and substances you may be already taking. Alcohol can change how Codeine works, and other medications can not work properly because of Codeine, such as Diazepam, Lorazepam, Melatonin, and many more. 

J - Joint Medications

You can however take other medications alongside Codeine as they do not interact. Some of the medications that you can take without having to worry include paracetamol, ibuprofen, and more.

K - Keeping Safe

In order to stay safe when taking Codeine you should only take it as directed by your doctor or your prescriber. You may also wish to talk to your doctor about a plan to stop taking Codeine once it is not necessary anymore. 

L - Lower Strength Options

If you are suffering from pain that does not quite merit the usage of Codeine then you may look towards lower strength options. Some options include Ibuprofen, paracetamol, and aspirin.

M - Moderate Pain

Moderate pain is typically treated using weak opioids (Anekar et al, 2023). Codeine also can be used to help treat moderate pain. In the same way as chronic pain, moderate pain can come from anywhere. Common reasons someone may have moderate pain include migraines, joint pain, back pain, or pain from injuries.

N - Necessary Consultations

In order to purchase Codeine online from EU Meds you will need to obtain a prescription via an online consultation with one of our prescribers. If your online consultation is approved then you will be able to purchase your Codeine online. 

O - Oral Dosage

You should ensure to only take Codeine as diagnosed by your doctor. The typical dosage for oral Codeine for adults is 15mg to 60mg taken every four hours. 

P - Precautions & Side Effects

As with other medications, there are some side effects you should be aware of. Common side effects of Codeine include:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness

Q - Quick Results

Getting quick results is very important when you are using pain relief medication. Thankfully, users of Codeine can expect to see their symptoms improve 30 minutes after they have taken their medication. Effects will wear off around three to four hours after taking the medication.

R - Relieving Coughs

Taking Codeine on its own will not relieve the symptoms of a cough, other than maybe helping pain. There are some cough syrups that do contain codeine. These will help to treat both the cough itself and the pain associated with the cough. Codeine may in fact have efficacy to suppress cough in humans but only in certain circumstances (Bolser & Davenport, 2010).

S - Severe Pain

Severe pain is similar to chronic pain, however, it often does not last as long. Opioids are considered a second-line option; however, they may be warranted for pain management for patients with severe persistent pain (Dydyk & Conermann, 2023). Severe pain can be debilitating and should be treated as best as it can be. Codeine is great at helping to treat severe pain, however, stronger painkillers are often needed depending on the particular conditions. In these cases, doctors will be able to advise best. 

T - Treating Diarrhoea

In some cases, Codeine can be prescribed to help people suffering from chronic diarrhoea (Schiller et al, 1982). Codeine has been proven to be an effective treatment of chronic diarrhoea, and will also help to alleviate some pain felt from this condition. 

U - Understanding Opioids

Opioid medications have garnered a reputation in recent years. It is important to note that opioid medications are not harmful or addictive as long as they are taken correctly. Dependence on opioid medications can occur if the medication is taken for too long (Azadfard et al, 2023)

V - Versus Other Painkillers

When compared to other painkillers, Codeine is much stronger than over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Codeine, however, is not the strongest painkiller that you can get.

W - Who Cannot Take It

Codeine is not suitable for everyone. There are some groups that cannot take it under any circumstance. It can also be used when pregnant, however, not for long periods of time. Codeine should not be used when someone is breastfeeding as it can pass through in trace amounts to the infant. 

X - (e)Xpected Results

Codeine is a very effective medication for relieving pain. The results you can expect will be sure to provide you with the relief you require from your moderate to severe pain. Codeine is used by millions all over the world to relieve pain and is one of the most effective forms of pain relief you can get. 

Y - Your Pain

Knowing whether or not your pain warrants the use of codeine is a question many people have. If you are not sure whether your condition can be helped by codeine, or if you are looking for help with your condition nonetheless, you should contact your doctor for expert advice.

Z - Zeroing in on Pain

Codeine works by targeting opioid receptors in the central nervous system directly (Peechakara et al, 2023). Doing this will change the way in which pain signals are sent to the brain, thus changing how your body experiences the pain you are feeling.


  • Increases tolerance to pain
  • Decreases discomfort
  • Effective treatment
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  • Mixture of codeine and paracetamol
  • Effective painkiller
  • Works for period pain, muscle pain and migraine
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